4 Great Reasons to Get Your Business Blogging

Where once blogging was considered the preserve of individuals with a cause or a niche speciality, the concept has now moved much more mainstream with businesses adopting blogs for use on their company website. Here are four very good reasons your business should invest the time and effort required to create a good company blog.

1. Blogs offer a space to promote your goods and services

You may already operate an online shop and have basic details of your goods and services listed in there, but a blog allows you to write much more information, provide usage instructions or highlight successful customer case studies. Blogs are usually a quick and informal way to add information to your website, keeping web content up to date.

2. Blogs offer a platform to establish expertise

A company blog provides a space where you and your employees can explain products, services, concepts and philosophies, creating trust and establishing expertise in the process. By providing accurate information to potential customers, you can enforce the image that you ‘really know what you are talking about’ – exactly what someone wants to see before doing business with you.

You can also use a business blog as a space to respond to industry news or to expound your company’s ethos regarding developments or trends.

3. Blogs can act as a brand identifier

The appearance of ‘being human’ is becoming increasingly important in this era of social networking and the company blog allows you to promote your brand through your own employees. Alternatively, you can secure the services of a ghostwriter to create content which is in line with your brand image and corporate communications. Being human will help reinforce your brand image and further burnish your company credentials as experts in your field.

4. Blogs can be used to publish new material quickly and easily

You may well wonder why there is an emphasis on creating new website content on a regular basis and the answer is simple – new content keeps people and search engines coming back to your site, and therefore your business for more. New, informative content is essential to raised the profile of your business and keep it in the public eye. Search engines (the route by which most of your first time website visitors will encounter your business) prioritise websites which update regularly, so to maintain a high position in search results, you need to keep on writing.

Sold? Next steps

Establishing a blog on your company website is usually a relatively quick and painless affair. You may well find that your company web host already provides a simple installer for WordPress or other similar blogging platform.

Once the initial creativity has dried up it may well be worth seeking out a professional copywriter to take over creating content for your blog. Brainstorming. researching and writing can be quite time consuming and can distract you from the other important issues of running your business.

Whether you choose to maintain and create blog content yourself, or secure the services of a professional agency, the return on investment should be significant.

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